Chicago Sports Museum Exhibits

Newly Unveiled 2016 Chicago Cubs World Series Exhibit

We have officially unveiled our much anticipated 2016 Chicago Cubs World Series exhibit! Featuring David Ross’ catcher’s gear and Kris Bryant’s cleats from Game 7, Addison Russell’s Game 6 grand slam ball, and Joe Maddon’s Championship Rally “We Did Not Suck” T-shirt among other extraordinary World Series relics.

Measure Up

Visitors start their tour with a series of one-of-a-kind interactive experiences where they can compare their abilities to the extraordinary strength, size and agility of several of Chicago’s finest athletes. How will YOU measure up?

  • Compare your jumping ability to Michael Jordan
  • Measure your wingspan compared to Scottie Pippen
  • Test your hand-eye coordination and reaction time
  • Hold your grip against strong man Kyle Long
  • Check out game-used uniforms of your favorite Chicago athletes

Forensic Sports

Sleuth it up in Forensic Sports using CSI-type technology to unravel some of Chicago’s most infamous sports mysteries.

Exactly what was inside Sammy Sosa’s corked bat? How have baseballs evolved over the last century? Explore the work of FBI agents, radiologists, chemists and other forensics specialists to uncover the truth.

  • Use CSI-Type techniques to decipher fact from fiction
  • Unravel Chicago’s biggest sports mysteries
  • Discover the truth behind popular sports myths
  • See Sammy Sosa’s famous Corked Bat

Fan Zone

The center of the Museum celebrates Chicago sports fans. Harry Caray himself was known as the greatest Chicago baseball fan of all time. A replica of the Wrigley Field broadcast booth will allow visitors to call a game like Harry, sing ”Take Me Out to the Ballgame,” or do their best Harry impersonation. Fans can also experience the thrill of car racing in a Chicagoland Speedway exhibit.

  • Broadcast on camera from a Wrigley Field Broadcast Booth replica
  • Imitate Harry’s famous sayings like “Holy Cow!” and “It might be! It could be! It is!”
  • Share your video with your friends and biggest fans on YouTube

Curses & Superstitions

As guests enter this stone-clad room, they will be immersed in the phenomenon of popular and lesser known sports “curses,” as well as player superstitions and rituals.

  • Learn the sports superstitions every Chicago fan fears most
  • Experience the rituals of your favorite teams and players
  • Witness fan attempts to eliminate sports “curses,” such as the destruction of the Infamous Cubs Foul Ball
  • Feast your eyes upon the baseball used to make the last out in the 1945 World Series

Hall of Legends

This gallery highlights an array of “play with the legends” baseball, basketball, football and hockey interactive games so you feel like you’re playing with and against Chicago’s most famous athletes.

  • Step into the shoes of White Sox Hall of Famer Frank Thomas in a virtual All-Star Home Run Contest
  • Avoid getting sacked by Bears Hall of Famer and Super Bowl XX MVP Richard Dent
  • Defend the goal as Blackhawks superstar Patrick Kane takes slap shots
  • Shoot hoops with Bulls Hall of Famer Scottie Pippen
  • Take the shooting challenge with Chicago Wolves hockey legend Wendell Young

All The News

Take a step back in time and view newspaper headlines from Chicago’s biggest moments in sports, from Harry Caray’s Broadcasting career to World Series Championships, Stanley Cups, Super Bowls and more!

  • Search the newspaper gallery for moments in sports history you’ve been longing to relive
  • Read the biggest accomplishments of Chicago athletes from news clippings, kept in pristine condition since their distribution