9 Navy Pier Restaurants You Need to Try

You’ll Want to Sit Down for This: Casual Restaurants

If you walk to the end of the Pier and back, your Fitbit will tell you you’ve gone more than a mile. You don’t have to keep moving, of course, and at some point you may want to sit down (read: collapse). Many of the sit-down restaurants at the Pier are suitable for casual meals, some with table service; here are a few of the best.

Harry Caray’s Tavern

“Elevated pub food” is what they serve at this outpost of one of Chicago’s most popular sports and steak bars, with a massive collection of sports memorabilia and a family-friendly menu. When the weather’s nice, you can sit on the patio, and although this is a restaurant and not a stand, you’ll be comfortable whether you’re in a suit or shorts. Holy cow! (Do make sure you exclaim that Harry Caray-ism at least once in this restaurant.)


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