The Prophecy Came True: The Cubs Won the World Series

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DePorter’s Prediction Becomes Reality:
Magic Number 108 Ends 108 Year World Series Drought for the Chicago Cubs

Until November 2, 2016, the Cubs had suffered from the longest World Series drought of any Major League team in history – 108 years. But more than a month before the Cubs even clinched their spot in the 2016 Fall Classic, Harry Caray’s CEO and President, Grant DePorter, predicted that the Cubs would win the World Series, all because of the Magic Number 108.

DePorter, who is co-author of the 2008 book “Hoodoo: Unraveling the 100 Year Mystery of the Chicago Cubs,” has discovered a remarkable list of “108” appearances that all point to the Cubs’ 108-year-long World Series drought ending in 2016. The Cubs curse and superstition expert uncovered new connections between observations made in “Hoodoo” all relating back to the number 108.

“Everywhere you look, it’s 108. You just can’t get away from it,” DePorter has said to the countless fans who have marveled at this discovery.  Examples from the list of 108’s include:

  • It takes 108 outs to win the NLCS and 108 outs to win the World Series (27 outs per game x 4 games won = 108 outs).
  • AG Spalding, the Chicago Cubs’ first manager and owner of the Spalding sporting goods, wrote a rule into the National League’s first set of rules requiring teams to only use Spalding baseballs. His baseballs have 108 stitches. His office was at 108 W. Madison.
  • The distance from both the left field and right field foul poles to home plate at Wrigley Field is 108 meters.
  • The City of Chicago’s zoning records show that Planned Development #108 belongs to Wrigley Field. There are 1,336 planned developments in Chicago.
  • The movies Taking Care of Business and Back to the Future Part II both feature the Cubs winning the World Series.  Both movies are 108 minutes long.
  • Cubs game broadcasts are transmitted from the top of the Willis Tower, which is 108 stories tall.
  • The World Series trophy is made of silver, which carries the atomic weight of 108.
  • Cubs star pitcher Jon Lester was born in the 108th largest city in the US, Tacoma Washington (according to the 2010 National Census).
  • NLDS Game 1: Cubs win 1-0. Javier Baez hit home run on pitch #108 from SF Giant’s Johnny Cueto.
  • NLCS Game 2 starting pitcher was Kyle Hendricks.  Hendricks was born on 12/7/89. 12+7+89=108.
  • The Cubs won their 108th all-time Postseason appearance in Game 5 of the 2016 World Series.
  • Addison Russell’s grand slam in Game 6 of the World Series came off of his bat at exactly 108 miles per hour.
  • The Chicago Cubs won Game 7 of the World Series in 10 innings and 8 runs = 108.
  • Manager Joe Maddon hoists the World Series trophy following the Cubs victory in Cleveland at 1:08 m. ET. During the World Series Rally, Joe Maddon holds the World Series trophy during his speech at exactly 1:08 p.m. CT.

DePorter published his original 108 list on September 22. Since it began, fans have been submitting their own 108’s, and the list continues to grow with additions from the Cubs’ playoff run. Click here to see the full list of 108’s.


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